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The act of banging a woman from the rear then hitting her upside the head with something hard, such as a beer bottle, to knock her out. The act of going unconcious will cause her to tense up completley thus maximizing the orgasm for the man.
The bitch was trippin, so I donkey clubbed her ass and took off.
by carl January 14, 2004
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Slang for cabin light in car, used needed to facilitate inserting marijuana into a smoking device while driving. (See Roadie)
Turn on the dope scope, dude, I gotta pack this bowl and I can't see.
by carl December 07, 2004
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1. One who wanks fish.

2. A stupid or foolish person.

Usually associated with blond hair and short, straight bangs.
That Adam kid is such a fish wanker!

Nice bangs, fish wanker!
by carl April 08, 2005
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To fit into someone or something ("fittin' this")
Are you into fitness?
Yes, I am into fitness.
Well how about fitness into your mouth?
by carl May 22, 2003
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a question asked by one person to another, in reference to a third party, inquring if they would like to have sex with the person in question
hey carl, check her out,, "fizz that"?
by carl May 20, 2003
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