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A man who raises dingleberrys as a crop. A Dingleberry farmer.
"The goverment pays me monthly so that I can continue being a dinglefarmer, and they can continue the dingleberry trade."
by carl August 27, 2003
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After heterosexual butt sex, the male extracts his member from her anus and places it in her cock holster(mouth).
After a brutal ass pounding, Johnny rewards Susie with a hotcarl.
by carl November 27, 2003
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to "get ones chuck a roasting" is like putting your penis in a nice warm pussy, thus your "chuck" gets a "roastin"
I got my chuck a roastin with Jen Zaino over the weekend
by carl February 26, 2005
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when , while playing hackey sack... someone hogs the sack just to show off like a prick....
john was being a dick bo-jangle'n so much...
by carl February 9, 2005
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Someone who calls themselves a hippie, because they listen to "hippie music," and pretend to go by the hippie values such as peace and open mindness, but really they gossip about people just as much as the regular "prep" and they spend just as much money on their clothes which is pure irony. Credit Card hippies smoke pot which makes them think they're even more "hippie-ish," but while they're high they go out and steal stuff and talk about people. It doesn't take much to be categorized as a "hippie" and even if you do stuff for your community, being mean still definetly doesn't cut it.
"Hey,like how ugly are those girls clothes."
"I know who does she think she is."
"I know gosh, well I'm off to the recycling club meeting"
by carl April 5, 2005
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Look at that bitch, finally trained her to be a cock skocker
by carl February 7, 2004
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