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Referencing the Bible in an attempt to justify actions that are heinous and ungodly.
Amy: I just heard a politician on television say that the Bible justifies separating children from their mothers at the border. What BS!

Juan: Seriously? I bet God really hates it when people try to Bible bootstrap their own evil ideas to the good book.
by builtforspeed July 25, 2018

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After the Baby Boomers are killed by COVID-19, the new strain of coronavirus that will be released by Millennials and Gen Zers is COVID-20, intended to kill off their parents’ generation so that no one can stop them from taking over the world.
COVID-19 rocked! Those Baby Boomers were fucking everything up for our future!

Totally! And we’ve got COVID-20 so no one else can stop us!!!
by builtforspeed March 15, 2020

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Someone who attempts to conquer the uncertainty of the Coronavirus by hoarding common household goods, such as toilet paper.
Wow I’m really freaked out about this whole Coronavirus thing....

Yeah I was, but then I bought a roomful of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and bleach, so I feel much better now!

That’s not cool, you freakin’ Coronahoarder!
by builtforspeed March 15, 2020

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When a cool event is cancelled due to concerns about the spread of Coronavirus.
I can’t believe the NCAA Coronacancelled March Madness!

Dude I know! That sucks!
by builtforspeed March 15, 2020

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An old flame you can’t help hooking up with periodically, regardless of either person’s relationship status.
Amy: I can’t believe you slept with Adam after the class reunion. He’s engaged and you have a boyfriend!

Lola: Hey it wasn’t my fault. Adam is a pre-existing condition.
by builtforspeed July 25, 2018

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When you’re texting or talking on the phone to a date and you think it’s going great, but suddenly and without warning he/she just hangs up on you or blocks you.
So I was talking on the phone to Greg and I thought it was going great, but then he blindsided me and I haven’t heard from him since.

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A pandemic virus invented by Millennials and Gen Zers to rid the world of Baby Boomers.
Goddamn those Baby Boomers! They’re totally fucking up our future!

If only there were a way to stop them, like a supervirus that only attacks old people.....

Yes! We can turn this virus into a Coronacoup!
by builtforspeed March 15, 2020

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