69 definitions by bruce

Trying to pull some cooter. From angling, the thing that fishermen do.
What are you doing tonight, bro?
Going to PB to go anglin. Hotties gonna be all over this steeze. Dip dip derp.
by bruce August 15, 2005
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the small passage of skin between the cunt and the arsehole,the chinrest.
"oh,i was hovering around the carse last night mate and the filthy slag only went and dropped one,strewth mate ,i was back up before you could say,ya flamin galla...,
by bruce May 20, 2003
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The state, quality, or condition of being Brucellent
Man, that utterly awesome dude by the name of Bruce sure was a fine example of Brucellence.
by bruce March 29, 2005
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Of the highest or finest quality; exceptionally good of its kind. But better than that. Cause, like, measured by the standard of Bruce, everything else is el lame-o.
"Man, Bruce sure is Brucellent." "Heck yes he is!" "Check it!"
by bruce March 29, 2005
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A person that is really musucular or big.
" When Iron Mike was in shape he was cocky as hell."
by bruce April 23, 2005
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