"A small, academically gifted school im Chorley" summed up by Southlands.
Non-Southlands pupils would agree that the school is not only the least intelligent school in the UK, however are more surprised Channel 4 hasn't created an 'Educating Southlands'. Not only is the school extremely academically gifted yet it also is a complete drug-free zone. Mainly due to the fact that at Southlands you can't get free drugs, you'll have to pay. Most schools have laptops, desktops or whiteboards for students, however at Southlands they are given tablets (LSD no actual electrical item).
Not only is it Jeremy Kyle worthy however it also has managed to break the record for most year 6s losing their virginity on taster day
"Southlands is an amazing school"
Said someguy
"Are you fucking off your tits again mate?"
Said everyone else in Chorley
by TheCoppullCaveman September 10, 2017
Refers to a notorious area of southern Canberra, Australia.

It covers several suburbs, including Chifley, Lyons and Mawson, the heart of which is the 'Southlands' shopping center located within Mawson.

The popular bus routes from 21 - 24 travel through this area, the most dangerous route being the 21. Many notorious gangsters from the area use this bus route for drug running and other illicit activities.

Points of interest include the public phone box at the Lyons shopping village, where numerous drop offs are made. As well as this the public toilets at Chifley shops is a point of interest for chemical entrepreneur's and P.I.M.P's.
"Mate, it's the 21 to southlands, should we catch it?"
"Yeah mate, I've got business to attend to"
"... oh dear"

by Lil Pesos February 29, 2008
California from Los Angeles to the border. Los Angeles, OC, Imperial County, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego.
by Lt. Dungheap May 8, 2006
California from Los Angeles to the border: Los Angeles, OC, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, San Diego.
by Lt. Dungheap May 8, 2006
Different regions, a poetic way of referencing the the southeastern USA (generally the former confederate states).

Can also refer to a region of southern New Zealand filled with fjords, glaciers and rain forests. The New Zealand one is a genuine regional name rather than a poetic reference and is on the opposite side of the country as Northland (in the north) another genuine regional name.
For the first: Down here in the southland on the farms.
For the second: Tomorrow I'm going to the southland district to see the forests and fjords.
by ungkyan shanden August 21, 2020
An intricate method for indulging in sex, drugs, and alcohol all at once. To perform a Southland Slammer, you must first fill a kiddie pool with beer (or any other alcoholic beverage), lay down one or more naked prostitutes within the concoction (however they best fit), then sprinkle cocaine (or any other powdered narcotic) on their bodies, and lick or snort it from their private areas (usually the breasts). The usage of higher-class alcoholic beverages, higher-grade narcotics, and/or higher-quality hookers may constitute an upgraded version of a Southland Slammer, known as a "Southland Slamfest".
Did you hear, Ernie? Our good friend Andrew is graduating from law school next week! We're gonna throw him one hell of a Southland Slammer (Southland Slamfest) at the local Best Western!
by HarrietHenowitz August 3, 2009
noun home land of the runner
verb where the action is at.
SHe's a runner. at southland
by CaN Opener January 13, 2003