The first emperor of Shu Han from the Three Kingdoms era of China. Highly charismatic and his love for the common people made him a favorite among the heros of the time. Oath brother of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
by Radish July 30, 2003
A man who fought in the Yellow Turban Rebellion,he was the first emperor of the Shu Han Empire,he was sworn brothers with the great Guan Yu and the awesome Zhang Fei,when both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei died,Liu Bei grieved for them everyday,and died of sickness
Liu Bei lived from 161 A.D.-223 A.D.
by Mo June 6, 2004
founder the Shu Kingdom in China's Three Kingdoms period. A relative of the Emperor of Han; refer to Liu Bei as "wang shun" (royal uncle).
Liu Bei borrows Jing Zhou, never to returned. (refering to territories bordering Wu Kingdom)
by akinkhoo April 28, 2005
Best ship ever! Super cute :))))))
Person 1: Do you like Liu bei x Zhuge liang?
Person 2: Yes ^^^^^
by Peaches456 August 15, 2021