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tylee - to be in the process of having intercourse with a teacher, possibly an irish one
she was caught in a tylee with the english teacher
by brad January 12, 2005
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User-Network Interface
This IAD is capable of UNI 3.1 & 4.0 signaling.
by brad March 07, 2004
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A terminal condition, the main symptom of which presents as the insatiable desire to upgrade.
A word originally coined by Isaac Sibson, and now increasingly prevalent in internet based discussions.
'Isaac, I have a great new cam, but now I want loads of accessories too.'
'Yes Brad, you have upgraditis.'
by brad April 06, 2004
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A japanese sports car powered by a 6 cylinder engine, usually turbocharged or twin turbocharged. Easily capable of 1000+ horespower. Quite possibly the greatest car ever made.
Damn, did u see that Supra dust that Ferrari 360?
by brad November 18, 2003
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