A post-hardcore/rock band from Boston, Massachusetts on Equal Vision Records known for their energetic live show and ability to eat more fast food than God.
by Kip Casper November 27, 2008
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A mantra that sums up everything we alcoholics believe in!
Girl- "What are you up to tonight?"
Guy- "I'm drinking rum and redbull!"
Girl- "It's Tuesday?!?"
Guy- "I drink, therefore I am."
by Da Sperminator April 8, 2011
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When tens of thousands of people worldwide suddenly realize their existence or mortality after wearing a face mask in public, because they are conscious or paranoid of their physical look for vanity reasons or otherwise.
Trump, who ridiculed his political rival for publicly donning a mask, narcissistically told his diehard supporters after he’s infected with the coronavirus, “I mask, therefore I am.”
by MathPlus March 9, 2021
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The very act of my plotting points on a pair of x–y axes and being conscious of it proves my existence, unless my action is taking place in a dream.
If Donald Trump can say, “I tweet, therefore I am,” then René Descartes can say “I coordinate, therefore I am.”
by MathPlus November 27, 2018
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The coronavirus’s motto until its days on earth are numbered—when the chances of its deadliest strand winning the viral war are near-zero; henceforth, it would journey to hell and to other galactic regions to claim more lives.
Ms. Corona had to compromise with Lucifer, who wanted her to adopt the slogan “I kill, therefore I am.”; instead, the Father of lies decided to let her use “I infect, therefore I am.”
by MathPlus February 22, 2021
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