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Same as tossing a salad, only with "Caesar dressing" (semen) pooled in the anus as it is being licked.
I ejaculated into my partner's anus, then licked all around the anus as the semen spilled out. This is known as tossing a Caesar salad.
by bottlecap September 25, 2005

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When someone wears a loose-fitting shirt and when they lean over you can see right down their shirt.
Joe: Hey, man, isn't Sam such a Slutty Taco!

Shmoe: Yeah! Every time she bends over on class I can see right down her shirt.
by Bottlecap December 09, 2013

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To milk a product or franchise for all its worth, despite the injustice and the public outcry.
"I heard they are going to Lucasify this movie by releasing a 'Special Edition' DVD, then an 'Ultimate Edition' two months later."
by bottlecap September 24, 2005

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(TELL-uh-void) V. To pretend to talk on your cell phone to avoid having to talk to someone approaching on the street.

Televoidance (Tell-uh-VOID-uns) N. The act of televoiding.
I was hoping to talk to that attractive female, but she televoided me; you can tell when someone's really having a conversation as opposed to faking it just to keep from having to acknowledge you.
by bottlecap September 29, 2005

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A television viewer (usually male) who pauses, zooms in and/or slow-motion advances frames of provocative images, in a feeble attempt to see something "naughty".
My friend, who has as much access to porn and nudity as any other red-blooded American male, paused his TiVo to check out Katie Holmes's cleavage as she sat down for a talk show interview. It might be understandable if we had never seen her nude, but we have. So it's basically a waste of time which serves only to indulge his whim of seeing her less nude in a different position. Therefore, he is a Tivert.
by bottlecap September 24, 2005

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A male nanny, typically with long, shoulder length hair, who is really pursuing his art career on the side.
When I was a kid, I had a hippie named Ben as my manny, who was saving up money to start an art studio.
by Bottlecap April 19, 2018

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