32 definitions by blair

three times the size of gigantic.
Damn that is one trigantic ass.
by Blair July 21, 2004
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To contribute money towards a common fund for buying alcohol.

See throw down.
Do you wanna pitch for a couple of cases?
by blair April 11, 2004
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To either be drunk and/or high at all times, yet pretend to be coherent, logical, and intellectual simultaneously.
I'm so fucked up right now... UgH stop acting like a child with the mental capcity of an inibriated 3 year old.
by Blair December 06, 2004
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1) an expression to describe a "blond moment" or a period of time when you forget a word and need to be reminded.
2) When you do not understand something simple or forget how to do something simple.
3) A word used to describe the times when you, or some one else, forgets where their going.
"Well isn't this spazmatastic I forgot where I was going again."

"My your feeling spazmatastic today Jenny you even forgot how to spell because"
by Blair May 04, 2004
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Verb. To idle.
Hey, M, are you there or are you Gullwhackering?
by Blair May 05, 2004
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1. to fuck; to be fucked
2. an exclaimation
I am going to hoork you.

Oh, HOORK, I forgot my books.
by Blair July 02, 2003
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"Froogle Doop" came from the crazy mind of a girl named Blair Elizabeth Coppage. She had a dream. She was skateboarding down the street, and a bush nearby began to rustle. She looked over to see what it was, and a man in blue and yellow spandex jumped out, and began to chase her. As he chased her, he waved his curls, red, pipecleaner arm, and yelled "Froogle Doop!". The origin is an odd one.
Froogle Doop owns you.
by Blair November 02, 2004
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