50 definition by bj

A person who speaks nothing but rubish on a companys behalf.
A Telstra spokedroid was quoted as saying during a press release today...
by BJ June 26, 2003

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Female genetalia
My hands were all up in her vigunt.
by bj February 02, 2003

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a really bomb girl that has the full deal
damn that girl is such a sheighle, if only i could get with that sexy beast
by bj March 13, 2005

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1. something a guy gives to someone who is feeling sick/sad/etc.

2. Sperm
Since Caleab was feeling down, I gave him a manicillin shot. After that, he was feeling better.
by bj September 16, 2004

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A famous bar on Highway 17 near Savannah, GA. It's owned by Ray. Ice cold tallboys, only $0.79! Come on down!
Hey, Dale, are you going to Scooter's tonight? I heard there were going to be some hot hoochies there!
by BJ August 25, 2004

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Short for "forward grip."

The part of the body of a rifle, carbine or SMG which is held by the forward (non-firing) hand.
Grab the pistol grip with your right hand, the foregrip with your left, and pull the buttstock tight against your right shoulder.
by BJ September 09, 2004

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