Racial slang word for Tall person.
Commonly used by "little people".
These "little people" tend to believe themselves to be discriminated by size and proportion.

They also tend to refer to themselves as the "master race", that god made them in his own image, etc.
"I am proud to be small and all. After all, god made me in his own image, I hate tall people; We tend to call them 'Biggers' ".
by Cosmo Sins ;) August 28, 2019
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A derogatory term for tall people used by the "Small Power" midget movement.
"Bigger lover!"

"Get your Bigger ass out of our town. We don't want your kind around here."
by graydude4321 October 11, 2020
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A brown person who shows extreme desire to be black. This person is often of origin from the Indian Sub-Continent.
Similar to a wigger but for brown people.
Look at that Bigger wearing a beenie and bling bling chains and rings to look black.
by Kevin Gam December 1, 2005
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Wow! Rishi’s muscles are way bigger than Jed’s
by Rishayee July 14, 2019
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A person from Indian decent, that obsessively tries to be black, but loves to run slurs on black, yellow and white people. Listens to rap all day, and loves sick beats. Typically says yo in every 2 sentences spoken, and wears swag once and a while.
Bruce: Hey Ishan nice swag.
Ishan: Thanks, yo did you see that Asian over there? Hes such a gay fag.
Bruce: oh yea Eric LOVES penis. Buddy your such a Bigger.
by ThatVinigger October 19, 2010
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interchangeable with nigger. iphone always autocorrects "nigger" to bigger when i text. several variations as well.

bigga, bigbog (nignog)
you're such a bigga.
check out those biggers over there
yo biggs, let's toke.
by hotsauce3333 August 8, 2011
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A general reference to a person, with no racial faux-pas and no remorse, and can be said by anyone to anyone without any feelings hurt by none of the two parties or any third party whatsoever.
Sup ma biggers!

Yo bigger

You are my bigger, and I love you, but shut up already
by abragag December 5, 2008
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