6 definitions by birdie

the completely inept Governor of New York State, George Pataki
Why doesn't Patakitty let the assembly balance the damn budget? He's so pathetic.
by birdie November 18, 2004
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Feces in ones pants. Starts out warm, then becomes cold and mushy.
I got so scared that I had porridge pants!
by birdie November 3, 2003
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Down to get lit tonight Q! -fo sho
by birdie March 1, 2005
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Any Seahawk team member, whether player, coach, etc... who was an official contributor to the team during any season in which the Seattle Seahawks played in the Super Bowl, regardless of the year.
Seattle Seahawk playersKam Chancellor Russell Williams Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman have been some of the greatest bowl birds of all time
by birdie December 27, 2014
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"W is as dumb as a tree stump"
by birdie November 17, 2004
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