"W" as an abbreviated term for a win in a competition
The home team struggled but came out with the "W."
by Azpiazu609 February 5, 2009
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when someone does not miss.
light is the best Anime MC” “you’re such a W”
by poassy January 1, 2022
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by Wijsnansn October 7, 2017
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Win. Mostly used when someone cracks a funny joke.
james: I've been going to the gym lately man
Michael: Oh really bro? Hows that working out for you!
James: W
by DuskVXI April 15, 2016
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abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv -->W<-- xyz
by Pfaffenhausen the Great November 29, 2003
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used in online games by japanese people. stands for 'warau', which means smile/grin/giggle/chuckle. used in the same way as lol or :). also said if you have no idea what they are saying to be polite.
person 1:I just one hit killed him with crimson assassin
person 2: w
by yamipoli February 4, 2004
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Same as camel toe. Use your imaginations, people!
Don't look now but she's got a W happenin in that nylon jumpsuit.
by Joeyjojoshabadoo August 29, 2005
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