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"W" as an abbreviated term for a win in a competition
The home team struggled but came out with the "W."
by Azpiazu609 February 04, 2009
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A typo accidentally entered into an AIM (or any messaging system) type screen when playing a game where using the typical "wsad" controls to move, mainly in first person shooters/rpg.

Also happens when getting interrupted while in-game.
*Playing CS 1.6 moves forward*
-Drop Screen-
Adbot: What to be bigger down there? try new (insert pill name here)
Csplayer: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
-F***IN* Ads-
by Altanis July 26, 2006
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a texting shortcut to mean 'with'
"I can't believe he was w her last night."
"I'll have 2 slices of pizza w ranch."
by alligt June 15, 2015
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The symbol iThugs use to show that they are from the westside.
Keep it 'hood Ronaldx5

by whathehellletmeusethename2 February 02, 2010
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The 23rd letter of the alphabet, pronounced "Double-You". When in fact it should be redefined as "Double-Vee" because it does not in fact look at all like 2 U's (UU) but looks more like 2 V's (VV), thus why it should be redefined.
Teacher: What is the 23rd letter of the alphabet?

Kid with brains: Double-vee

Teacher: I'm sorry, that is incorrect, the answer was Double-you

Kid with brains: Listen bitch, I was correct, when you write "double-you" do you put 2 U's together? I think not, do you join to V's together though? I think so. So shut your face, I'm rick james bitch!
by CA3B20A3G September 25, 2007
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