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Your Mileage May Vary. Little talked about escort code for "If you're good looking you may be entitled to some extras beyond the standard "straight fuck" FS and BJ such as GFE, DATY and FK". This is usually done to encourage a repeat call from a desirable client.
When she said YMMV, boy did she mean YMMV.
by bill the cat July 10, 2008

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A derogatory term for a person/group considered undesirable, as in Do not call, Do not invite, Do not talk to, Do not be seen with, etc.
e.g. a D-list actor always gets turned down for roles and may even be turned away from going to auditions.

by bill the cat August 19, 2008

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The lowest job in most organizations and is usually assigned to a newbie or someone so useless nobody knows what to do with. Mentioned several times in King of the Hill and at Strickland Propane the job was to wipe the propane tanks to prevent the sun from heating them up. But still not demeaning as a butt wipe.
The boss' girlfriend was just sitting around doing her nails so we assigned her as a tank wipe .
by Bill the Cat May 21, 2008

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In espionage a swallow is a beautiful female operative used to seduce or entrap men with promises of sexual favors. The male equivalent is a raven.
During the cold war the Soviet K.G.B. typically used a swallow to seduce intelligent targets.
by Bill the Cat May 01, 2008

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In the German Nazi SS an Obergruppenführer was a high ranking general. It also translates from German to mean "upper group leader". In general an orbergruppenführer is a despot boss who makes peoples' lives miserable.
The obergruppenführer boss at work made everybody work over the weekend.
by Bill the Cat April 30, 2008

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A job rejection letter worded in such a way that it effectively tells the job applicant to "fuck off and die".
After a year looking for a job I accumulated over a hundred foad letters.
by Bill the Cat April 30, 2008

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An unwelcome and bothersome guest, especially a protestor.
Some people are like shithawks at a picnic, they come flying in from nowhere, do alot of squawking, eat all the food, shit all over the place, and when the food is all gone they fly away.
by Bill the Cat April 23, 2008

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