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A word which recently has been used liberally as a way of discrediting something without having to give a proper justification, most often when someone finds they have a disliking for a popular phenomenom and is resentful of those who embrace it. Often used by anti-trendies.
(Something loved by many) is completely overrated.
by bigfatnobody March 05, 2004

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(noun) Not necessarily someone who enjoys Michael Moore's work, as many people do, but rather a person who accepts and agrees with Moore's opinions without question. There is notable irony in that they often accuse others of being "brainwashed" by the government.
My friend, who cannot even bring himself to lookat various articles debunking some of Moore's claims.
by bigfatnobody July 25, 2004

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(noun) A word of Scottish origin. Anything impressive or pleasing.
That shirt is the schnizz, Brian!
by bigfatnobody November 10, 2004

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(noun): A well known brand name in Free Country USA. The company's main output is toys but products also include Strong Bad's Ab Abber and the packaging for his CD, "Strong Bad Sings and other type hits".
Toys include the "Fire Bert" and "Strong Badman" action figures.
by Bigfatnobody April 30, 2004

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(noun) A canned soup pronbably rationed during the thirties. The Homestar Runner can often be seen kicking old cans of water soup around.
The Homestar Runner: Oh that's just an old can of Water Soup. I've kicked it around since my dog went away in the flood of '28.
by bigfatnobody October 11, 2003

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(noun) The TV guide/magazine displaying the various Homestar Runner cartoons. On the cover there are headings for various features on Homestar Runner cartoon characters.
TV Time; Eatin pie and gettin' doppy!
by Bigfatnobody October 19, 2003

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(noun) Strong Bad's most favoured software to date, proving superior in both sound and graphics to its outdated counterpart the Tandy 400.
...Behold! A Compy 386! A spectacle of graphics and sound!
by Bigfatnobody October 11, 2003

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