37 definition by bert2

crager 30 spoke rims wrapped in vouge tires. orignated in the south. fl and ga. back in the early 90's. true players rode these.
man them 30s and vouges look good on that heavy chevy
by bert2 June 19, 2005

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another word used in place of saying forty five, a colt 45 gun.
man i got in the club with the four fifths, let some shit pop off iam ready.
by bert2 June 29, 2005

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another way to say watermelons
in the south all they eat is dem black apples.
by bert2 June 25, 2005

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refers to having a baby to get a check from baby's father. Affects men with money: ballers, dope boys, ball players, rappers, actors and regular businessmen.
Becky let Leroy hit raw dog for a half of stack she was trying to give birth to a check. That's some hood shit.She knew he was on that hen dog.
by bert2 August 09, 2006

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is a very tough game of madden football, a game which is very close, it forces you to bring out new plays, cause the old ones are being shut down, a battle to the end.
dred was in a hell game with leroy, he had to bring out some new plays
by bert2 January 15, 2006

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refers to a woman with a big ass, when a woman is walking towards you and you can see that she has a big ass from the frontal view.
See red over der her ass is so big you can see it from da front.
by bert2 October 06, 2005

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southern slang used to take about 84's
rims that stick out from the tires
i got 84's poking out, paul wall
by bert2 July 06, 2005

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