a person who cares completely and totally about themself and nobody else
dude don't be such an i guy
by thelastpap December 15, 2007
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to only think about yourself.

not think about others

theirs no I in team
gallegos is an I-guy he only thinks about himself.!!!
by codybuhd June 10, 2010
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Creepy Canadian who holds doors open for no one, you could be a mile away and he'd just hold the door open for you! He looks very confused and likes to look out glass doors and windows and likes to look at walls! Many sightings report him being spotted in the southern states of U.S. He may be God!
Person1: Who's that confused looking guy?
Person2: That's the Where Am I Guy
by Absolute_Darkness May 13, 2015
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Some one who if they can't have something destroys it rather than letting some one else have it. From the to common habit of some I.T. people of destroying decommissioned equipment, instead of putting it in recycle. A update of a dog in a manger.
What's the difference between an I. T. guy in a manger and a dog? The dog eventually leaves , and the other animals get use of the manger, the I.T. guy pisses and shits in it so on one can use it.
by yorkystomper April 14, 2013
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When you know how to personally contact an expert in a particular field--especially when the subject is unusual, strangely specific, or illegal. Often used when you do not want to reveal the identity of the contact or how you came to make the acquaintance of such a person.
Co-worker: "The boss said a hooker took off with the USB flash drive with all our vital code stuck up her vagina. How are we going to find her and get it back?"

You (not wanting to talk about how you did IT for a pimp/gynecologist who owes you a favor): "I know a guy."
by General Deviance June 28, 2018
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To know somebody in a particular industry that you can turn to for a favor.
Dude, that is the most popular club in the city, we are never gonna get in tonight.

Yo, don't worry, I got a guy - he'll get us in - no problem.
by JayZaldo November 01, 2008
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An "I know this guy" story is a bullshit story where one person thinks up something funny, cool, gross, weird, or sexy, but essentially untrue, and tries to pass it off as true by framing it as if it happened to someone they supposedly know. It's similar to the "I have this friend" story, where someone asks for advice about a problem that's really about them but they're too embarrassed to say so. "I know this guy" stories are purely about entertainment, however, not about seeking advice.
Jerry: "I know this guy... he caught his sister having sex with their cousin and two friends in their uncle's bed."
Joe: "Sure, Jerry. You *know* this guy. Riiight."
Jerry: "I swear! It's true!"
Joe: "Bullshit. What was the guy's name then?"
Jerry: "Well I don't *know* him, but I heard about it."
Joe: "Sure you did. Sick pervert."
by kevnar February 19, 2007
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