14 definition by benthere

An ebay seller who sends wrong mechandise that is only good for wipping your ass with and acts like an ass-wipe when you want him to set things right. An ebay ripp off artist.
The listing said it was ddr1 Mr Whipple sent ddr2,I can't use it and he won't exchange it. When I asked for a refund because it was his mistake, he turned into a real ass-wipe seller. The conceret T shirt was supposed to be in mint condition, the only thing that rag is good for is wipping your ass , and the ass-wipe seller said all sales are final.
by benthere March 08, 2008

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A way to lie in someones face, and not be called a lier, a delayed action lie.
I really would like to see you again, give me your email address.
by benthere December 18, 2011

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An expensive but very effective means of HIV prevention, like a trunk monkey only better.
Thanks to my butt-weasel I'm not scared of prison shower rooms anymore. The Butt-weasel don't leave home without it. Sure the butt-weasel is expensive but, what's your ass worth?
by benthere March 11, 2008

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Someone who puts an item on graigslist, and then doesn't respond to phone calls or emails. Someone who doesn't bother to remove a listing once the item is gone. Someone who should go back to ebay, and leave the rest of us alone.
I agreed to buy the speakers that graigsjerk wouldn't reply with time and place to pick them up. The listing is 3 days old is the bike fore sale or is the graigsjerk to lazy to kill it. Craigslist is getting worse than ebay, I blame the craigsjerks.
by benthere February 05, 2011

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A trip to the hospital to get a small animal removed from your colon.If the animal is an ass-weasel getting the damage repaired after the weasel clawed and chewed its' way out.
Franks' emergency room special required 3 hours of surgery,to repair weasel damage. I wonder how you explain an emergency room special to your health insurer? I thought emergency room specials were bullshit until I saw one taken out of the gay bar.
by benthere March 09, 2008

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A gerbil for really tuff gays.
He's as tuff as he looks he uses ass-weasels. When Dickie saw the stuffed ass-weasel behind the bar he turned arround and walked out. In the struggled between gay and ass-weasel the ass-weasel has be known to win.
by benthere March 08, 2008

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What poor gays who can't afford gerbils use.
Their garbage can is full of dead squirrels, what are those gay guys up too ? If the PETA people find out how many squirrels have died in that gay bar they would burn the place down. I believe in live and let live but this squirrel abuse it too much.
by benthere March 06, 2008

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