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A suffix added to any possible sentence to make them seem more fancy and intellegente.

Also see -ish

"The blouse had a vintage-esq touch to it"
by bea February 16, 2005
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1 the short bus used to drive disabled people from one place to another.

2 an insult for a person who is being stupid or foolish.
My bus was full so I had to ride in the tardcart.

You fucking tardcart, you don't fix a toaster while it's plugged in!
by bea December 16, 2004
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"man, they may as well add junk to the medical dictionary as an anatomical term for male sex organs" -boy in my class
by bea July 1, 2003
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A word commonly used to describe everything. Please note that it is not curvy-liscious.

Origin: Dylan Ornas's mouth
"That is so kirbyliscious!" or "Your moms so not Kirbyliscious"
by bea February 16, 2005
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someone who calls everyone 'vrint',which is the dutch word for friend. he makes shampoo for a living and every night he passionatly rapes his son Eddy ,who is a real tard.
he is also totally obsessed by bending over and getting raped in the ass
Random guy: get outta here n go make shampoo
by bea November 14, 2004
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its a party where oral sex is given to guys, there are multiple girls and they all where different colored lipstick and they all leave their color on the guy. hence the rainbow
by bea October 2, 2003
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