15 definitions by Bea

someone who calls everyone 'vrint',which is the dutch word for friend. he makes shampoo for a living and every night he passionatly rapes his son Eddy ,who is a real tard.
he is also totally obsessed by bending over and getting raped in the ass
Random guy: get outta here n go make shampoo
by Bea November 14, 2004
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reffering to the thrift store chain 'C.H.K.D'
'hey i'm poor and i need clothes. lets go to chikedies
by Bea June 30, 2003
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its a party where oral sex is given to guys, there are multiple girls and they all where different colored lipstick and they all leave their color on the guy. hence the rainbow
by Bea October 02, 2003
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"man, they may as well add junk to the medical dictionary as an anatomical term for male sex organs" -boy in my class
by Bea June 30, 2003
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A parent who was the biggest stoner back in the day but gets pissed when his or her kid smokes pot
Dad used to get high all the time in highschool but when I do it, it's not okay. He's such a hippiecrite.
by Bea December 20, 2014
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when two or more females and at least one male are saying goodnight and the situation occurs where one female makes the other say goodnight before her to prevent the first girl being alone with male.
'i wanted to kiss Mike back there and you like, totally jock-blocked me!'
by Bea June 30, 2003
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