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A chronic disease suffered by a good friend of mine. Symptoms include yakking it up when he should be keeping his pie-hole shut.
Ken:Hey Norm, remember the time you, me & the 3 Mormon chicks....
Norm: Hey Ken, STFU! My wife's right here and doesn't need to hear about how I banged that Morman every day for 2 straight months in a row! You f*ing have irritable jowel syndrome, dude~~
by Bangboy December 26, 2009

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An act perpetrated by one called Vinny. Usually a violent outburst brought on by nothing more than a smile, a laugh or something else not directed at him. The reaction can involve anything from him banging on his own skull to the point of bleeding to kicking the shit out of a copy machine. On occasion, police assistance may be needed to taser the miserable bastard. Almost always, he'll use the excuse of his "condition" to get out of being arrested.
Man did you see what Vinny did to the copy machine??!? It ate his dollar bill and he went manimal on it and started swearing and then proceeded to kick the shit out of it. He ran when the cashier called the police to report a vincident.
by Bangboy February 10, 2010

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A ho who resides in a rural area, but a ho all the same. Different from her urban counterparts in that she may be missing teeth, uneducated and generally unkempt.
Me: Dude, have you checked out Lindsay Lohan lately? Uhh-she's rank!
Steve: Norm, she's been a Hee Haw Ho for quite some time-where have you been?!?
by Bangboy January 06, 2010

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The act of self-destruction despite repeated attempts by friends to intercede on the kisser's behalf. Sometimes it seems as if they just want to stand in front of the charging locomotive and get what's coming.
Mike, you know I'll back you up, but if you keep making trouble where there isn't any,and drag ME into it, no less, I'm going to simply allow you to kiss the choo choo. Kissing the choo choo is what you seem to want. Oh well...
by Bangboy May 22, 2009

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the maxim that even the most docile, good-natured person, when provoked enough, will snap at you & go postal. Similar to a young child poking at a poodle-eventually the poodle will rear back, show it's teeth and sink it's jaws into the child's flesh in anger.
Poor little Timmy, may he rest in peace. He'd still be with us on this side of the dirt if his mom didn't stop paying attention to him while he was poking that poodle. Man, I've never seen that much blood & guts-his mom must be so sad. I've always said, "Timmy, don't poke the poodle"
by Bangboy December 29, 2009

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Blacks who try to act Jamaican, but actually aren't. Mostly used on TV or for musical purposes. For example, Miss Cleo: psychic advisor and tarot card reader.
I'm NOT going to that fake mind-reader with you. She's a total fraud, a fakey jamaikey, y'know? You're just throwing your money away......
by Bangboy December 30, 2009

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Slang for homosexual.
Rob, for years I've suspected that you were a picklekisser...well the fact that you just tried to get with me pretty much confirms it. Go join a gym, dude!
by Bangboy December 30, 2009

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