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An act perpetrated by one called Vinny. Usually a violent outburst brought on by nothing more than a smile, a laugh or something else not directed at him. The reaction can involve anything from him banging on his own skull to the point of bleeding to kicking the shit out of a copy machine. On occasion, police assistance may be needed to taser the miserable bastard. Almost always, he'll use the excuse of his "condition" to get out of being arrested.
Man did you see what Vinny did to the copy machine??!? It ate his dollar bill and he went manimal on it and started swearing and then proceeded to kick the shit out of it. He ran when the cashier called the police to report a vincident.
by Bangboy February 10, 2010
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A surpirsing and somewhat frustrating incident or event caused by a certin Vincent (noun).
Q: What happened to the Champagne glass?
A: There was a 'vincident'.

'Someone being thrown into a pool immediatlely upon arrival'.
by Tacka July 01, 2012
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