Ousted is when you have dumped your girlfriend extremely fast. She doesn’t even know until she checks her my space.
You are having sex in the bath room, and your girlfriend is bent over the sink. You have been beating it up rigorously for some time now when all of a sudden a loud abrupt burping noise comes from her rear end. Is it a fart? Is it a queef? Who cares she’s OUSTED!
by JoshuaStudd September 6, 2007
to be told you have beaten someone in a verbal/phsical disagreement, usually in a light-hearted manner. can be described a banter. also if someone sprays you with oust.

Richard: "Shutup, youre such a dickhead"
Mark: "Yeah well at least i didnt fuck barbara smith"
Observer: "Ahhh Richard got OUSTED!"

by Ruth Lea April 14, 2009
to own someone in any shape, or form; to pown
Chittles got ousted by the sniper rifle.
by Game Doc August 28, 2004
When you use a double bladed Light Saber to dis-assimble your right arm.
Oh go oust yourself Jake.
by Squeky Clean February 4, 2005
Redefined by the youths of Beverley, East Yorkshire and the surrounding area, oust is a general exclamation that can be used in a variety of circumstances. It can be used as an expression of greeting, or as an insult. It can also be accompanied by a click of the fingers, followed by pointing at the target of the word. People who are ousted in this way are generally geeks with no friends, as they are an easy target for abuse.
Eg 1: "Wassup?"
Eg 2: "Oust dave!"
by Psycho15 February 6, 2009
When person has dumped a girl so fast, they don’t know until they check their my space.
"I was so upset at the somewhat burping noise that came from beneath my girlfriend in the restroom while engaging in intercourse. I surely knew at this point she was ousted!"
by The one they call Joshua September 13, 2007
a pussy
-marina mancuso
man that guy is such an oust.

you oust
by alexa_chaidez March 8, 2018