16 definitions by bah

An attractive female who hangs around gay males.
The same as a fag hag but attractive.
by bah March 26, 2004
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usually employed by a contracted "security" company, these people are given absolutely no means to control dangerous situations, but are expected to keep things under control until the police arrive. their job is to give the "perception" of security, without actually having to go through the hassle of having real training. usually known as rent a cops, they must also deal with a complete lack of respect from the patrons of the mall they serve. low pay and horrible hours make the job ideal only to lazy fat people and college students.
concerned citizen: that man just ate my daughter!
mall security guard: wtf do you want me to do, all i have is a flashlight! this radio doesn't even work outside the building.
by bah March 5, 2005
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A person who loves something without question.
Martigen is such a fanboy.
by bah January 28, 2003
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iccy, a strange australian who makes chat rooms and leaves. also the leader of the igloo at spymac.com. has many online friends, and has a red nose
oh God, it's iccy again
by bah December 14, 2004
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