89 definition by austin

Completly inflexable in morals, rules or beliefs.
From Les Misèrables character Javert.
My english teacher can be so Javeristic! My car broke down and she still gave me lunch detention!
by Austin October 06, 2003

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70's - 80's slang for cowboy, cowboy "wanna' be", or urban cowboy (wouldn't know what to do w/ the bull if/when he ever got it by the horns!)
Them shitkickers probably never done broke more sweat than trying the Texas 2-step or line dancing down at the Broken Spoke. Give real cowboys a bad name!
by Austin December 26, 2004

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an expression of carelessness or disbelief, indecicive...
you know what i dont care...WHATEVERZ...
by austin November 23, 2003

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something a man makes a women do while he does nothing
do the dishes bitch im watching my show
by austin March 20, 2005

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Cool, awesome, sweet, fantastic, juicy, delicious, cool as crap. See also ubercool.
"It's almost as goodawesome as, well...goodawesome!"
by Austin February 24, 2005

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To be considered as or being a hillbilly.
Damn Cledace is hillbilious.
by Austin May 02, 2004

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Of, or relating to the relationships of Cyrano De Bergerac.
My personal life has been so debergeristic latley... :(
by Austin October 06, 2003

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