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To sneak into a guarded location unnoticed.
"They wont accept my ID, I'm gonna have to Solid Snake it in."
by astro May 21, 2003

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The height of japanese racing technology. Very fast.

A supercar in the ranks of ferarri, porche and lamborghini
man: hahah I just beat your nsx in my tuned up gas guzzling nitrous drag car!!

dude: Go cut your mullet.
by astro May 21, 2003

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Despite the criticism the Civic is actually a very well made and reliable car. The Civic type R has a V-tec cam profile tuned for high performance giving it awesome acceleration.

Very cheap and easy to mod due to abundant aftermarket parts. Some go overboard and rice them up with no engine improvements and this is why all these guys are so angry. Despite this they can be made to beat any stock domestic car fairly cheaply.
That 2003 civic R looks nice and stock.
by astro May 21, 2003

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Americans can't build good cars so they just put truck engines in them.

They call these cars "domestics" because all they can do is yard work.

Pity they still cant beat a stock import.
Guy1: My Supra does a 13 sec 1/4...
Guy2: My Domestic can haul trash.
by astro May 21, 2003

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To steal, pinch, borrow, nick or thieve.
"Hey, man, I just totally bogarted that chocolate bar from 7-11."
by Astro June 17, 2003

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to cruise around in your car
Me and Tre' were flippin' lookin' for some leg.
by astro October 15, 2003

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