30 definitions by asshole

SHITTY BAND FROM LONG ISLAND they have horrible lead vocals and shitty riffs
Person 1:Hey man, lets go see that band gorikoza!
Person 2: Jesus Christ Monkey Balls, they suck!
by asshole July 25, 2004
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satans torture for teenagers shit you don't need or want to know
chemistry is for crack heads
by asshole February 3, 2004
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a white fag that thinks he is black and beats it too much
eminem is a wangster
by asshole January 31, 2004
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Word all too often used by Americans to connotate a feeling of apathy. The fact that it's used in almost every sentence is not as alarming to many as it should be.
"They bombed a foreign nation without cable TV. Millions died."
"Whatever. They're making another Temptation Island."
by asshole October 6, 2003
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n. Inserting one's middle finger into a woman's anal cavity and one's thumb into the same woman's vaginal cavity, then pressing them together against the walls of the corresponding oriface and snapping one's fingers. This act is usually very painful to the woman. Derivation of The Shocker.
Last night, this bitch asked me to give her the snap. My middle finger still smells like shit, dude.
by asshole March 17, 2005
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