when your chick is giving you a bj and you cum in her mouth then quickly turn around and shit in her mouth resembling what she would look like if she had just eaten a chocolate eclair
Adam: Yo dean dude, what did you do last night
Dean: Nothing really, I just gave Heather a chocolate eclair
Adam:wow your a sick fuck
by nickdc323 October 10, 2005
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right before you finish as a girl gives you a blowjob, she bends over and takes a shit on the top of your dick making it resemble the oh-so-poular french delight. afterwards she sucks it back off along with the "cream filling"
oui oui, my girlfriend did the most amazing thing to my dick last night and ever since then ive been craving chocolate eclairs.
by snazzlefever April 7, 2010
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When one gay man pulls his penis out of another, hopefully, gay man's ass, therefore having the penis covered in "chocolate", and the previously receiving man jerks off a white "frosting" over the now chocolate covered penis.
The chocolate eclair that you will receive at the "Bottoms Up Rainbow Bar" is a distant cousin from the one you will get at the supermarket.
by Glenn S. January 25, 2004
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Having a particularly dirty anal sex setion and then ejaculating into the anus. The penis or ejaculating dildo should have fecal matter on the surface and the ejaculate should be contained in the anus with only a dollop on the out side.
I thaught she had an enima but when I ended up with a the Chocolate Eclair I knew differently.
by PhillZ February 7, 2010
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Having a shit in someones laptop then closing the lid so that it squidges out the bottom
i am going to give you a chocolate eclair if you carry on
by Deverill_is_the_bug_man July 28, 2011
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When a white gay man lays on his back, lifts his butt up in the air, and spreads his legs, and then a black gay man puts his penis on top of the white man's penis, and they both ejaculate at the same time. The white man's penis is the dough of the eclair, the black man is the chocolate on top, and their semen is the cream inside.
by ThatOneGuyWithABigDick May 27, 2012
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When you are doing anal and right before the man ejaculates he removes his penis. Now gives himself self succ to enjoy and "chocolate" and "cream" covered eclair.
Oh boy I can't wait to head to the girlfriends house tonight! She is gonna let me eat my own chocolate eclair.
by xX_Smiggles_Xx November 25, 2019
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