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Someone who "jumps on the bandwagon" or, pretends to be something they aren't because it'll make them cool and/or popular. It's not labeled specifically to any one type of person. (i.e. not all posuers are trying to be goth or punk)
Avril Lavigne is a posuer, she acts punk because its the cool thing currently.
by Emu August 04, 2003
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the act of texting people while you are pooping
ex. (talking to a friend on fbook chat)

person 1: hey man whats going on tonight
person 2: i gotta go to the bathroom il poopt you


person 1: whatsup man what are you doing?
person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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The CORRECT spelling of, though not as common as, poser. ironicly, the word's history is much like it's definition. a posuer is someone who desides to be something, act and/or dress a certain way to fit in or be cool, not because of what it stands for. This can apply to almost any walk of life, including but not limited to: punk, goth, emo, hardcore, skateboarding, snowboarding, and a certain band.

How to spot a posuer: will look like the thing they are posing as, but almost always to a greater extent. If you ask them about the subject, they will go on and on about how cool it is, while giving little or no background about it. May often call YOU a posuer. Specifics:
Punk: Will wear band shirts like avril lavigne (dead give away, not as common) or Good Charolette, will wear ragged or ripped clothes, although it is apparently new or from Abercrombie. Will talk about anarchy all day, or about how much they hate facists.

Goth: more bondage straps than a sex-shop. more saftey pins than a fabric shop. Will talk about manson all day, and about how much they cut themselves, hate preps, adults, and life in general (but dont kill themselves...).

Emo: listens to Dashboard confessional. period. also likes bands like the get up kids and simple plan. wears oversized wool sweaters or scarves, and if spoken to, will cry. will cry with no provocation at all. will do all this because they think it will get them pity sex.

Skateboarders: will wear brands like: Volcom stone, etnies, element, quicksilver, or other 'posuer' brands. just go to your local skate shop for more info on these brands. will carry their skateboards everywhere, even though they obviously have no scratches on them, or worse, scrape their boards against the curb for the effect. listens to pop punk. when at the skatepark, will not actually ride the skateboard. when spoken to, will get fidgety and maybe run.

snowboarders: harder to spot, but will sit outside their house with goggles on to get a goggle tan. will claim all the crazy stuff they can do, or how they sent a video to burton. etc.
by anti February 11, 2005
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people who pretend to belong to a certain trend .will say they like every band that is seen cool at the time and when they go outa fashion say they hate them.

worse is when they use phrases like
"dont label me"
posuer: im hardcore (spelt with a x ) because im a goth/mosher/emo and i listen to uber cool music like my chemical romance.

me: shhuuuuuuuuuushh you conformist piece of poo

by fallen6angel December 19, 2005
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1. Someone who denies their own opinions and leaps onto bandwagons.

2. An incredibly narrow-minded nosy person, who makes pathetic attempts to seem more 'hardcore' by hating anything that more than 10 people have heard of.
2. Posuer : NIN aren't industrial, you turd!

Me : I couldn't care less. They're a fantastic band, and I don't see why I should tie myself down with genres and stop listening to NIN just because I like Skinny Puppy.

Posuer : Wow, I'm stupid. FAG!
by StigmataMartyr July 30, 2004
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commonly refered to as poser A pathetic low-life soul who never has, and never will be themselves. Constantly coping other to make them appear as if they fit it. When asked about the one subject the are coping, that certain person will become nurvous and ramble on about only how kool what they're coping is. The main styles that usually attract poseurs are, punk, goth, skateboarders, prep, and of coarse all of the above. Please take extreme caution when approched my one of the horrid creatures...
True skateboarder:"Dude, get a life, no1 likes u, and u dont even kno wut we are talking about."

poseur:" Yah i do! Ur talking about.....uhhhhh....*gets nurvous*"

True Skateboarder:" thats wut i thought, u dont even kno........go get a life, u pathetic poseur
by Kara April 05, 2005
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Someone who acts and or dresses as something for one month or week, then changes styles.....much like a prep
Damn, people who are posuers thay I'm a posuer....time to kill
by Tako February 28, 2003
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