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The act of clenching your jaw muscles toghether and grinding your teeth together whilst under the influence of either ecstasy or speed. Often alleviated by chewing gum; or more commonly these days, baby dummies. Magnesium can often help to looses the jaw bones and prevent teeth-grinding. In exceptional cases; like an xtc overdose, it is possible to have complete jawlock; where you physically cannot open your mouth (though this is rare).
'Man, I'm gurning tonnes tonight'

'Look at that bloke gurn'
by anonyMouse August 02, 2004

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the GREATEST GAME EVAR!!!!!!!!!!! way better than Halo 2 so there :P
dude: Dude, I just got Halo 2.
kool guy: I just got Katamari Damacy.
dude: damn why do I always get the crappy games.
kool guy: cause u suck.
by anonymouse February 01, 2005

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An amazing beatboxer from the UK
"Jesus, Tyte is the tightest beatboxer ever! He sounds like a damn echo chamber...."
by Anonymouse October 31, 2003

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A place of massive bullshittyness
I go to taconic high school.
by Anonymouse December 18, 2002

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A word created by dreamtheater.net/bb user 'JustJen' as a way of describing her sexual expression.
1. I just love sexpressing myself to my husband.
2. BDSM is the ultimate form of sexpression.
by Anonymouse December 06, 2004

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Eelco is the name given to a stoner, in other words one who frequently participates in drug abuse as a recreational activity. It can also be used as a slur for those who are known to curb crawl in the late hours picking up prostitutes in Amsterdam
"Dave is such a f***ing eelco"
"tru dat"
by anonymouse May 19, 2004

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somone who is scared of OR cannot fucking stand douche bags.
me: David is a fucking douch bag im not going near that kent
you: lol ur fucking douche-o-phobic... although, im not going near that fucker either.
by Anonymouse March 27, 2004

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