Good video. Usually used in video sites.
I saw on youtube a very gv.
by propelan January 12, 2008
Abbreviation of Golden Virginia, which is a common tobbaco, it is also the most popular rolling tobbaco in the UK.
GV is usually pronounced JV, simply because it sounds better.
Person 1: hey you got any gv i need to roll a joint
Person 2: nah i got half a pack of drum though
Person 1: eww drum
by Tobbacohead December 10, 2007
God in gud measure send angels 2u 2watch ovr n protect too n gv u comfort anew

n encouragement in heavenly dew.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010
An abbreviation for "Grandfather's Vagina". Supplementary to the gp}.
The GV splits that old man right in two.
by anonymouse August 14, 2003
Giggling Very Silently, (when one doesn't actually lol). In a conversation, through text/BBM/messenger/facebook etc. but laughs in his or her mind or shows a smile on her face yet giggling inside.
Aydin: I saw someone just stack it in class
Dovev: GVS! =D

Dovev: Did you see her jump, it was like a spasm haha
Aydin:Ye i did, GVS! =p
by absolutenocomment December 2, 2010
Stands for Good Vibes. Good vibes are usually positive vibes. This term is used mostly by drug user specifically Ecstasy. When something makes your hit higher, you say "That's GV".
The term is widely used in rave parties and among ravers and ecstasy users.
1. "Hey man, i was rolling when this girl with a huge tits came up to me and said she wants me, she was GV for sure!"

2. "GV only, no gays."

3. "Inhalers are GV."
by xreney June 25, 2009
"Have you seen how the Description of that GV looks?"
by ubguy August 3, 2018