An underrated team with a (currently) good manager, great bullpen, and asshole owner. Nonetheless, the pride of Baltimore and about half the DC population, (the other half being those who traded allegiance to the Nationals).

Referred to as the O's, the Birds, etc. The only team in the MLB to have only an animal, not a letter, on its caps.

The reason all of Maryland sings the "O!" in the Star-Spangled Banner.

Home team of some of the best retired players in baseball, such as Robinson and Ripken.

Currently in a rebuilding rut, the Orioles are improving rapidly. Die-hard fans hang on, and wait for the (hopefully soon) year when the O's prove how awesome they are and win the pennant.

Mortal enemies of the Yankees.

Also, Camden Yards is probably the prettiest ballpark on the East Coast.
One of the only good things about Baltimore is the Baltimore Orioles
by SoCal11 June 26, 2008
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Currently the worst team in baseball, but do have 3 World Series championships.
The Baltimore Orioles won today.

Awesome! First win in a while.

Yeah, they suck,
by BidenSucks January 09, 2021
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Maryland's state bird. Also a player for Baltimore's baseball team.
Orville: A Baltimore Oriole just flew by!

Rachel: I wasn't aware that Viagra was so effective for him!
by Diggity Monkeez February 02, 2005
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