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Automobile Transmission (automotive)
"I was on the freeway when my tranny blew up"
by anon-e-mouse April 11, 2005

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FIAT is Italy's largest automobile manufacturer. The acronym stands for "Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino" which means in English "Italian Car Manufacturer of Torino", Torino/Turin being the Italian city of headquarters. Fiat earned a poor quality reputation in the 1970s due mostly to build quality problems resulting from Italian labor union disputes as well as cheap Russian steel used at the time which rusted easily. Modern Fiats are actually pretty respectable thanks to modernization of materials and manufacturing processes, unfortunately most Americans still think of the old phrase "Fix It Again Tony" because Fiat has not sold cars in North America since 1982 and therefore that is the last Fiat anyone there has usually seen. Even the older Fiats are not as bad as their reputation in many cases, they have often earned undue criticism thanks to owners and mechanics who in the 70s had little experience working on "strange little foreen cars" as all they had ever touched were big American engines. As a result of poor maintenance Fiat's reputation was worsened even further. Fiat makes an array of fun, interesting and innovative cars under the brands FIAT, LANCIA, ALFA ROMEO and MASERATI. Fiat also owns controlling interest in Ferrari.
"FIAT = FUN, ITALIAN and TOPLESS" - A convertible Fiat owner
by anon-e-mouse April 11, 2005

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Anal Sex
Stale likes to HIITB with Marasamus, although, they try to deny it.
by anon-e-mouse August 02, 2003

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1) a berating, downing insult
2) A Straight person that displays homosexual tendencies
3) a person that has tendency to be dirty,unclean and dishevilled
4) any combination of the above
"Shut-up assmuff!"
"Come here assmuff..."
by anon-e-mouse January 02, 2005

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Thong or a g-string. An undergarment designed to be minimized via a crackstrap and usually reveals itself @ the top of ones but crack to be joined in the front of the garment usually wedge shaped pubic cover
She is advertizing her butfloss
by anon-e-mouse December 15, 2004

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A gathering of geeky dweebs who believe they are better than the rest of the world.
We got mad skeelz bizzatch, let's logon to our Vectorstar server.
by anon-e-mouse October 09, 2003

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1) A person who preys on those more fortunate than themseves using pity and deviousness for personal gain with minimal effort.
2) A degenerate of society.
3) A homeless transient.
4) A person with poor hygene.
5) A person with low self esteem
He ripped me off!The jaded loser...What a F#cking Bumdart!
by anon-e-mouse December 15, 2004

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