To become clean and glistenin' and shit.
"That's hygene nigga." wise words from The Health Inspector.
by Ded song May 22, 2015
1) Wash your hands before touching food.
2) Cover your fucking mouth when you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands.
3) If your nose is runny, or you have something in your nose, use a tissue to blow your nose, dispose of the tissue in the trash, and wash your hands.
4) Bathe every day.
5) Never wear the same clothes twice.
Too bad most people are too stupid to practice proper hygene, despite countless reminders, campaigns, and instructions.
by health worker December 17, 2003
to be clean or fresh. of superior hygiene. fat joe.
by kory westerhold February 20, 2007
the result of frequent, diligent bathing
To be a geek, programming skils are essential and a haphazard approach to personal hygene is considered useful.
by attogeek July 7, 2003
Action involving or being related to hygiene
"Aside from doing hygenical things, I haven't moved all day"
by Xxxtentaciones July 11, 2018
Placing a towel in a vagina and then having sex with that partner. After sex, you take a shower and then use the towel to dry off.
Me and you grandma got to use the hygenic towel today after work.
by Billy wang February 29, 2016
A person who is kind, lovable, straightforward, and faithful.
by Maciedarc November 23, 2021