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A dirty girl. A girl who sleeps around, who doesn't take care of herself, thinks or says something raunchy.
"Ew, who farted?"

"I did!"

by Angelica February 10, 2004

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When colleges think you're sorta kinda qualified for their school but they just don't know what the fuck to do with ya, they put you on the dreaded waitlist. Sort of like Purgatory, only shittier.
My friend Angelica is a really bright, hard working, extracurricular activity-taking, lovable minority with great recommendations and a killer essay, but she still got waitlisted??? WTF man?
by Angelica March 29, 2004

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The city called the ass-crack of Wisconsin. Filled with wannabe-gangs, drugs, violence and all-around idiocy.
"We went to Chicago but drove right around Beloit instead of going through it. I don't feel like replacing any more windows."
by Angelica October 03, 2004

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It's when you freak out. Like if you have a panic attack or if you get paranoid all of a sudden (usually from a drug).
Last time I smoked dank, I had a major freakout.
by Angelica August 29, 2004

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well known androgynous internet roustabout and drug addled curmudgeon. porn site god and self proclaimed rock star of moltov cocktease whose alterego is actually a fairly well known author. to call someone a 'zpydah' is to call them a deviant, in the good sense.
'omg he is such a zpydah!'
by angelica September 30, 2004

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when one looks busted in the facial area
"honey, how do i look with this new makeup on?"
"you look smacked-up, ho."
by Angelica August 20, 2003

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1.Used to define a person acting incredibly stupid.
2.A person not agreeing to something
1. "I can't believe I lost a $20 bill. I'm such a lame-o!"
2. "Just come with us. Don't be a lame-o!"
by Angelica February 10, 2004

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