A dirty girl. A girl who sleeps around, who doesn't take care of herself, thinks or says something raunchy.
"Ew, who farted?"

"I did!"

by Angelica February 11, 2004
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Is a gal from deep in texas and is derty. (Cochina)
Caityln is cochina, and likes to be derty.
Oh i love to have sex. *you cochina*
by Andrew D. Henderson July 20, 2004
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Coochie like a hungry piranha snapping around after all the dicks
Abigail rose is a Cochina
by Bpaige July 8, 2015
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Does not discriminate based on race or sex.... Cochina/o
is someone who is either a person who is know to sleep around or has a very dirty mind.
Meagan Wilcox is a COCHINA! I herd she hooked up with 17 guys in one night.
by RFJ55 August 8, 2011
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A modern day spanish word for dirty girl. Usually girls with Unnatural blonde hair, huge tits and loves to sleep around secretly.
Omg this one girl Kelsey Lupton just hooked up with Nick after he made her a home cooked meal. What a COCHINA.
by Meowbih January 2, 2015
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That one raunchy friend who has no self respect. And would jump into bed with a guy at the drop of a hat.

That one friend posting sexed up selfies on social media. Because she can't get attention any other way
Did you see that girl that got her nudes passed around? It was all over school? Who cares I'm glad that Cochina got what was coming to her. She probably enjoyed it anyway.
by Itaku Natsumori August 8, 2018
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