68 definitions by angela

1. home of the haxxor.
1. let's play kalonline - btw don't forget to run the speedhack or we won't be able to level what with all the assassin speedhacker one-hit-killers running round pking us.
by angela February 15, 2005
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(adj) used to describe something as unique or amusing. Similar usage to cool.
UrbanDictionary is spiffy
by angela October 20, 2001
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A Straight Man who is: Tidy, Enjoys cooking, Is a neat freak, Likes to shop, Gets expensive Haircuts, Is probably often mistaken for gay, Uses the word "Yummy", Wears Jewelry, And is really really Nit Picky.
Yes, My stepfather is a Metrosexual.
by angela November 24, 2003
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Something filled with a fluid substance, such as water.
These grapes are waterful.
by angela February 28, 2005
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Small town on the border of Queens and Nassua filed with a healthy mix of drunk and sexed up wiggers/punks/preps (as well as the rest of the generic population.) To those above the age of 30, Flo Po may seem like a future parent's dream land. To those under the age of 18 (or without a liscense), it worst place on Long Island to live. Esp to those teenagers that attend Floral Park Memorial.
The cops are real assholes in Flo Po.
by angela March 24, 2005
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HOTT in a crack addict kinda way.
bert mccracken is hot.
by angela February 10, 2005
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