To convince by rhetoric; to gain acceptance or approval through persuasive banter or conversation; trickery; keenly persuasive; to scrounge by means of conversation.
The company wasn't convinced my product broke on its own at first, but I managed to blag it and they sent me a new product for free.

I had to blag my way through the interview.
by CityBlue August 23, 2007
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convince another person that all the stuff you just made up is in fact true and worthy.
caught in a tight spot, Harry blagged his way through the conversation and somehow got the job.
by angela June 6, 2003
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A better term for blog, as defined by
I have a blag.
You mean blog, right?

NO! A blag!
by That Zero Guy June 8, 2007
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1) To lie
2) Make up a false excuse
3) To make up as you go along

1)Tim: Did you get trouble the other day with the parentals for not coming home last night?
Jessie: Nah, I just blagged my way out of it

2)Mike: Oh god that geography exam was so hard! I couldn't answer any of it. How bout you?
Kim: I know it was so hard. I just blagged my way through it
Mike: You're the queen blagger!
by YESSS-CAHHH May 23, 2007
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Recursive acronym for "blag linux and gnu", a free software GNU/Linux distro based on Fedora.
Pat upgraded an old windoze box to blag. (box as in computer)
by bielawski March 27, 2008
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to rob, usually armed.
to fool or cheat.
i think i'll blag your mums dildo.
by monkeynuts March 24, 2003
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1) To get something for nothing or to do no work.
2) To get annoyed by something.
1) 'I blagged a free holiday!'
2) 'Those flies are blagging, man'
by Alex July 24, 2003
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