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The subject used in highschools to prevent worthless morons who don't deserve to live from feeling like they are smart.
A task that can only not be completed by people without a fully functioning brain.
The subject in school that will actually get you a high paying job.
Since I didn't drop math I'll actually go to a good university
by angela February 2, 2004
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A Straight Man who is: Tidy, Enjoys cooking, Is a neat freak, Likes to shop, Gets expensive Haircuts, Is probably often mistaken for gay, Uses the word "Yummy", Wears Jewelry, And is really really Nit Picky.
Yes, My stepfather is a Metrosexual.
by angela November 24, 2003
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1. home of the haxxor.
1. let's play kalonline - btw don't forget to run the speedhack or we won't be able to level what with all the assassin speedhacker one-hit-killers running round pking us.
by angela February 15, 2005
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When your a boreing person
That girls so lutty i fell asleep eating cheese with her
by angela March 12, 2005
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haha omg. people are so god damn stupid. the "magnetikk" thing was a freaking joke...making fun of all the gay little 'electrikk' kids. now all the 'electrikk' kids are calling them selfs magnetikk...haha idiots.
"i'm gonna join the shoot me im electrikk blogring cause it's the cool thing to do. what's that? magnetikk is the new lame? kick me in the face im magnetikk!"
by angela March 5, 2005
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I play for the LAX team.
by angela September 11, 2003
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stuck to you like glue! (cant let you go)
im stuck to you like glue and (their not lettin u go)
by angela October 7, 2003
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