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a chinese gurl that goes to my scool who is very easily amused lol haha yayan
by angela May 24, 2004
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it a short for tizite!
o tiz!
by angela October 7, 2003
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A horrible name to call people that really isnt anything at all. Used in these ways: (replaces words like bastard)

Also, could be something like a wagon full of crap.
You durse wagon!


Tyson is more a durse wagon than the durse wagon itself.
by angela May 20, 2004
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When your a boreing person
That girls so lutty i fell asleep eating cheese with her
by angela March 12, 2005
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an insult used when little children are around. You've heard of soft porn, well, this is a soft 'curse'.
W: What! You didn't tell me your mom was comming over today!
M: Yes I bloody well did!
W: Beleive me you quarkus, I'd remember if you had!
by angela April 18, 2003
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Stan-if she ain't fuckin, she's good for nothin
Angela-that's such a dickly thing to say
by angela March 22, 2005
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