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(adj) used to describe something as unique or amusing. Similar usage to cool.
UrbanDictionary is spiffy
by Angela October 20, 2001

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Your first experience, with someone of the other/same sex, of having another person put his/her lips on yours.
First Girl: I can't believe what happened last night! Jake kissed me!
Second Girl: Omg your first kiss!
by angela March 11, 2004

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short term for lacrosse
I play for the LAX team.
by angela September 10, 2003

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convince another person that all the stuff you just made up is in fact true and worthy.
caught in a tight spot, Harry blagged his way through the conversation and somehow got the job.
by angela June 06, 2003

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HOTT in a crack addict kinda way.
bert mccracken is hot.
by Angela February 10, 2005

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its when someone is on someone super tough, checkin em out, wanting to holla at em but won't.. but makes it obvious so that person will come talk to them instead.. basically jockin' someone, crushin on em..
Terrell was chillin at the club lookin good and hella bitches were starin at him, choosin... wanting to talk to him, but all acted scared.
by Angela January 04, 2005

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someone who thinks some brief nearly non-existent connection with some great legend practically makes them a great legend too.
ok thrill me already - so you slept in David Bowie's hotel bed like three years after he checked out - woohoo - what a starfucker.
by angela June 06, 2003

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