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He is not like many other guys. He's always putting others before himself and he is friends with anyone he comes to know or meet. He's an athletic, attractive, sweet, and caring guy. His favorite colors are orange, blue and yellow. The sports he is always involved in are football, basketball, baseball, and he loves martial arts. He is also known for having an extremely large penis.
OMG! Is that Terrell?
by Thatgirlkatlyn;) March 13, 2017
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A guy with a big black cock and is so sexy and is loyal to his girl and likes to say "nah pew pew"🔫
Damn he's so Terrell
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The hottest black guy you will ever meet in your life
I met this guy named TERRELL at the fair the other day, he is the hottest man alive
by Hottie189 May 22, 2009
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Terrell is the funniest person you will ever meet in your entire life. He may be conceded at times, but he will always make you laugh. He is also a very friendly person whom cares about others and likes to help them with their problems. Not a very talented singer, but loves to do it anyways. Terrell is a very original guy. You cannot have a conversation with him and not laugh. It's IMPOSSIBLE!
Terrell, funny, original, conceded, friendly, singer
by PersonFromThePlace September 05, 2010
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Terrell is a person who's head looks like the yellow peanut M&M. Terrell has to argue no matter what. Terrell feels that he's tough but will fold like a wet paper bag when confronted. Terrell will shimmy like the Pillsbury dough boy when he giggles. Once Terrell was asked if he wanted to drive because after his day of training his crew felt he needed all the help he could get at work.
"Hey Terrell bring your peanut M&M head over here. Try not to shimmy while you giggle."
by Got'cha sucka August 26, 2014
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A man that is The best boyfriend in the world. He is perfect in so many ways and is sooo cute.
"Omg there's Terrell!"
by Unicornprincess April 30, 2014
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