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convince another person that all the stuff you just made up is in fact true and worthy.
caught in a tight spot, Harry blagged his way through the conversation and somehow got the job.
by angela June 6, 2003
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Very thin person who's bones show through their skin
by angela September 21, 2003
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Your first experience, with someone of the other/same sex, of having another person put his/her lips on yours.
First Girl: I can't believe what happened last night! Jake kissed me!
Second Girl: Omg your first kiss!
by angela March 11, 2004
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every girl's best friend is someone who is there for you inspite of the negative things you do and say to them. Someone who will laugh and cry with you in the mist of their problems. Someone who will give you their last even if they need it.
If you are angry with your friend and use against them information that only you know and you still remain friends, that's a best friend.
by angela February 26, 2004
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a n00b, but even dumber.
that guy is such a supern00b, look at him go ^^
by angela October 3, 2006
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