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Proper name for what many people call a member of the U.S. Democratic party, who believes in being soft on crime, soft on national defense and terrorism, and extra rights for minorities and women. They basically also believe in communism, socialism, penalizing the productive thru progressive and high taxes, stealing from the earners and producers, and giving free money to the lazy and the non-producers. They have also basically brainwashed the public, for no working person in their right mind would vote for this crap.
Algore is a liberal demonrat.
by andy1 July 23, 2006

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Texas slang for a homosexual
Texas Rump Rangers should move to San Fagshitco
by andy1 August 06, 2005

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Commonly, a situation where, if anything can go wrong, it will, but I wanted to add my examples.
You always get your blackjack one or two hands after you lower your bet.

If you take the phone with you outside, say to garden, it will never ring, but if you leave it inside there will be several messages on your voicemail.
by andy1 July 20, 2005

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Slang word for Pizza Hut.
Do you want to go to Barfy's, Hardon's, or Taco Smell?
by andy1 May 14, 2005

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Same as jacking off, but in addition: Any time a mechanical device is temporarily malfunctioning, especially in an erratic motion fashion, it is beating off. See also on the rag and otr for malfunctions of a 5-7 day nature
Bill, the tachometer in you GTO is beating off. (wiggling erratically between 1400 and 3600 RPM)
by andy1 May 23, 2005

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Polish immigrant pronunciation of "shit"
Leon shet in the outhouse
by andy1 October 29, 2004

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Any penis juice that you want it to be (Also simply slang for peanut butter)
From a song from the 60s by Archie Bell and the Drells: "Spread it on thick like penis butter and sperm"
by Andy1 January 19, 2004

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