12 definitions by alpha

out-of-commission, used in conjunction w/ BOK
I'm on BOK, I'm OOC
by alpha March 25, 2000
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Someone who can dodge bullets because they never use the toilet.
by alpha November 9, 2003
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(n.) An organization that will conquer and lead to paradise. -W arriors O f L egacy $ F ortune-
(v.) To engage in any act of pwnage.
Wolves will lead us to paradise...
by alpha October 1, 2003
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A general term used to describe any as-yet unsuccessful artistic type with tie-dye plumage and a distinctive mating call of REM's 'everybody hurts'.
by alpha March 27, 2005
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location or current status/activity
what's your 20, fool
by alpha March 20, 2000
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