A Hindi word which means big brother, referred by Hindi Speakers to their elder brothers or any one older in age.
Guy 1: Hello bhaiya, can you pass me the keys.

Older guy: yeah sure !
by PrinceSiddhartha July 14, 2014
Slang for an illiterate moron, a pajeet, a clown, a useless cretin from the North Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Unfit for anything other than the most menial jobs and someone who is uncultured.
Bhaiya, go back to your home. Why are you in Bombay?
by Sharpshooter March 7, 2022
Akshay Kumar is called as Akshay Bhaiya.

Everyone loves him that's why everyone call him Bhaiya, Akshay Bhaiya. Man with golden heart.
Let's some noise for Akshay Bhaiya.
by Haklatard July 27, 2019
BhaiYa Gang is a Bangladeshi Hacking and Spamming Group.
BhaiYa Gang removed thousands of anti-islamic content from social medias.
by Kingkong 3301 June 1, 2022
Kushan bhaiya is naturally referred as jagat bhaiya. He also known as world famous lover for all the behnas
Kushan bhaiya is originated from WIT solapur
by Bhinder 123456 November 24, 2021
Best mentor for anyone to fall in love with Maths & Physics. The most logical mentor with good sense of humour one could ever get

Real Life Jeetu Bhaiya
VK Sir (Vishal Bhaiya) ❣️ is the best mentor one could ever get
by salmonbhai December 7, 2021