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A racial slur towards an Irish-Italian person.
John is a McGuinea. He is Irish and Italian.
by almty1_917@yahoo.com February 4, 2005
1) A four legged horse-like animal.
2) An ass.
3) Someone who is Irish.
Phil McGrady, the donkey, is riding a donkey.
by almty1_917@yahoo.com January 26, 2005
law enforcement code for murder
its a 1-8-7 on the undercova cop...
-NWA (I think)
by almty1_917@yahoo.com April 14, 2005
music best listened to when stoned

two good examplas are:
1. Pink Floyd
2. The Doors (from their last few years)
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon is an amazing record, but its even better when you're stoned.
by almty1_917@yahoo.com April 30, 2005
The next generation of video games is here. The X-Box 360 is Microsoft's newest contribution to the world of video games. This thing looks to be even a hell of a lot better than the already amazing X-Box. Set to release sometime in 2006.
Sometime in the near future:
Bill: Hey, wanna play my old X-Box?
Tom: Fuck no, lets go play my new X-Box 360. It kicks ass!
by almty1_917@yahoo.com May 14, 2005