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Native of Northern Ireland with gargantuan feet, decidedly out of proportion with the rest of his "body".
Aidan McGrady stood on my house
by Stevo Peto May 24, 2003
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The best older brother. A child that possesses leadership intuition amongst those of notable historic value. Handsome. Playful and attentive with a memorypossessefoundation ossesse from love. Inner strength and courage thru times others would stumble. He keeps his emotions for himself. Because he can. And becausr he does those around him will make it thru with honor and ease, when he is around. Aims for the best, deserves the best and yet is still the Mc"Greatest." Tender hugs, strong muscles, intellectually gifted. Loves his Mother. BalanceCharact Coourageous Character. Thoughtful. Gifted. Loved.
McGrady,The Greatest. Noble. Infinity-plus-one.
by Infinity + One July 08, 2017
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-to get cock blocked
- to have a person ruin your game while you are trying to get at a beezy
I was spittin game at a beezy but her friend named Tracy cock blocked me.

Refering to Tracy McGrady, an NBA allstar who plays good DEFENSE

"that stupid beezy pulled a mcgrady"
by the big jerm April 22, 2006
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"Did max just punch that bouncer?"
"Yeah he's fadey mcgrady right now"
by rozenbag May 21, 2017
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