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P2P application which promotes itself as having the ability to hide the users ip address to avoid being tracked. Uses SSL and anonymous proxies to relay uploads so receiver does not know where file is coming from. Abbreviation, es5.
If you want to avoid getting sued, use earthstation5.

He got sued using Kazaa, he should have been using earthstation5.
by adam wilson July 5, 2004
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1. A computer, especially one used for cracking.
I saw a badass deck in the computer store the other day.
by adam wilson January 7, 2004
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Origin: Greece from the word "genus"
Often misspelled without the O even in many dictionaries.

It is the only correct spelling.
George Harrisson is a genious.

Only geniouses spell genious the correct way.
by adam wilson January 5, 2005
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The religion created by the minor Science Fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard in 1952. Scientology teaches that you are an immortal "thetan" that is entrapped in the physical universe and your own problems by your thoughts (considerations and postulates). In practice, Scientology is the exact opposite of what it teaches. It claims to free you, but most people would say that Scientologists are brainwashed and enslaved. It claims to promote freedom of speech, but Scientology sues anyone who says anything bad about Scientology. It claims to want to improve the earth, but sues anyone who tries to use it's books and techniques without paying a license. It is a very schizophrenic and dangerous organization whose members actually infiltrated and spied on the U.S. government in the biggest ever case of its type in U.S. history.
If Scientology got big, the people who get in their way would be killed.
by adam wilson July 5, 2004
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1. A graphical representation of the internet, as used in almost all cyberpunk.

2. An artificial world, as used in what cyberpunk is left (i.e. the matrix films, a couple other isolated occurences)
1 or 2 (works for both): I just jacked into the matrix.
by adam wilson January 7, 2004
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1. A "feature" in Windows NT and derivatives (2000, XP) that allows direct sending of a message to another computer. Often used for unsolicited advertisements and having fun in the computer lab.
"Some jerk in my class just learned how to netsend, and now it is impossible to get any work done in the lab."
by adam wilson January 7, 2004
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1. When a computer crashes at such a fundamental level that it can no longer control the CRT in the monitor, thus the monitor displays a screen of static.
The application was written so poorly that half the time it made the computer snow crash.
by adam wilson December 30, 2003
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