1. cocaine

2. any other drug that can be snorted
after we snorted that nose candy i was up all night
by Powder4thaHoes May 17, 2011
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Cocaine that you would snort up your nose.
I saw two kids with nose candy
by Jon d rockafella March 26, 2008
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when a girl is sucking you off and you are about to blow your load... you pull your cock out of her mouth and stick it in her nose and blow away!!
Last night Kelli asked me for blow. So, i told her to suck my dick and she would get some nose candy in return!
by rjason December 3, 2007
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Any drug you can snort.
Most commonly cocaine, but can also include heroin, meth, and ecstacy.
See booger sugar!
Man, hook me up wit sum of dat sweet ass nose candy!
by Hgod&Tgod June 20, 2013
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