To agree or to concur.
Okay Gurl, I cosign to that.
by Wynette zMcWilliams July 12, 2005
To go along with someone else's lie. To corroborate a lie. To cover for.
Without even giving me a heads-up, he told his mom that he had been at my house all night. I cosigned for him because we's close.
by mandingoe January 19, 2005
- to agree to assume the payments on a loan to a hard lender such as a bank, not if but when, the borrower defaults on the loan.
"You realize Mr Snodgrass, that you are liable for the full payment of this loan or any unpaid balance thereof, should the borrower fail to meet his contractual obligations? And we're betting that he will based on his financial profile.
by Jim Burke July 2, 2005
1)v.- To be a second party on a loan or purchase of material goods, usually resulting in unwanted debt for the cosignee, and a lesson in life about the limits of friendship and one of the pitfalls of same.
I never should've cosigned for that loan, now I have to pay for a car my buddy crashed before he skipped out on the loan.
by cunninglinguist July 2, 2005
To instigate

To add in ones opinion or "two cents".
"I did not sleep with your sister... Ralph was only cosigning, its a lie."
by xCOBRA_CLUTCHx March 29, 2004
to agree with someone even if the person is politically incorrect
by tracey mack October 17, 2003
Cosigning when someone is making fun of someone else and YOU join in. Thats Cosigning
Don't be cosinging on what he saids.
by Tyson (T-Mack) June 24, 2005