when your car stereo is up SO LOUD, you can feel it in your heart and stuff..
boom boom boom you can hear a bumpin' car from a block away
by Jennifer April 19, 2005
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Description of a party/club/event that was hype, dope, phat or sick. Also can describe a bass line or actions to it.
1. "Yo that party was bumpin'"

2. "I don't dance at clubs. Only girls and guys with big gay bones do that. I just chill on the edge of the dance floor, bumpin'."

3. "Giovanni got a new subwoofer in his IROC. You can hear it bumpin' from a block away."
by Lazarus Ciccone January 11, 2005
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What one is listening to.
"what are you bumpin?"
by Raphater January 28, 2004
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A party, restaurant, bar, or public place that is very crowded and clearly appears to be a popular joint.
Wow, there are so many people in this new bar. It's bumpin!
by Zmickfan October 21, 2010
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hella ligit shit is happenin
this music is hella bumpin
damn that guys car is straight up bumpin
by j bean February 3, 2007
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1) adjective to describe a fun party
2) adjective to describe something that is wack
1) This party is BUMPIN!!
2) Her shoes are BUMPIN!!
by crymar09 January 12, 2011
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yo man... my fo head is bumpin!
by studlee April 23, 2004
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